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Purezyme Is An Organic Store House Of Naturally  Occurring Nutrients Derived From Seaweed Traditionally Known For Its Rich Possession Of Vital Nutritional Elements, Seaweeds Are The Natural Vegetable Marine Plant Found In The Sea. Purezyme Support The Natural Physiological System Of The Plant By Providing Additional Bio nutritional Support Of Essential Nutritional Element In All Stages Of Plant Growth.

Purezyme It Biotechnological Innovation In Organic Manure Production Technique Developed By Puregene Agritech Seeds Pvt. Ltd. It Is Biologically Derived From Vegetable Origin, Seaweed And Animal Origin Product With A Special Fermentation Process Developed And Mastered By Puregene Agritech Seeds Pvt Ltd.

The Extraction Fermentation Process Help In Ensuring Richness Of Free Vital Element And Thus Ensuring Faster Absorption By The Plant Tissue On Application. The Novel Production Technique Help In    Maintainig  Assured Availability Of Enzymes And Hydrolyzed Protein Complex Molecules In The Product.

How Purezyme Works ?

Purezyme Improved The Heath Of Crop. It Improves The Crop Growth By Providing  Nutritional Support To The Plant At All Stages. Purezyme Is Composed Of Natural Seaweeds  And Animals And Vegetable Origin Products. These Compounds Are Naturally Present In The Plant In Small Quantity And Play Important Role In The Over All Growth And Development Of The Plant In All Stages. The Deficiency Of Any Of These Compounds At A Vital Stage Influences The Plant Growth Adversely And Thus Result In Low Productivity.

The Application Of Purezyme  Preferably  At Early Crop Stage Like Seed/Seedling, Immediate Development Stage Result In Strong, Sturdy And Heathy Plant In Vegetables The Application At Pre-Reproductive Stage Or Flowering Stage; Peak Flowering; Fruit Setting And Fruit Development/Ripening Stage Results In Significantly Increased High Quality Produce. Minimum Two Consecutive Application Of Purezyme Are Essential At An Interval Of 20-30 Days For Optimum Results.

Benefits  Of  Purezyme

1.Healthy And Vigorous Crop

2.Increased Root Development

3.Effcinet Nutrient Uptake

4.Increased Retention Of Flower And Fruit

5.Improved Establishment

6.Increase In Total Weight Yield

7.Bigger And Shining Produce

8.Enhanced Keeping Quality

9.Enhanced Tolerance To Stress Conditions

10.Significant Increase In Yield

11 More Profit

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